GUB introduces green lanyards.

For those of you involved in our Community Competitions at Geelong United Basketball, you may have found yourself this week asking, “Why do some referees have a green lanyard for their whistle?”.

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

With recent changes to Victorian Child Safe Standards, there has been a heavy emphasis on protecting children by creating a safe environment in which they can work, play, and learn.

All participants in all basketball-related activities need to know when children are involved.


As a first step in this process, all Geelong United Basketball Technical Officials under 18 (17 years or younger) will be given a lime green lanyard to use with their whistle.

This initiative is being supported statewide by Basketball Victoria.

When you see a match official with a green lanyard, please understand that you are dealing with a child, and these standards protect them.

Click here for more details on Victorian Child Safe Standards.

Green Lanyard