Community Competition Fees


This is an administration fee that is passed onto the whole team. It is a fee that contributes towards administration for the season and fixed costs.

For social teams, you will be need to pay your team entry when you enter your team into the competition

For club teams, your club will pay for your team entry, and this cost is usually covered in your club fees.

Teams that enter the competition late will incur an additional $20 on top of their team entry. Once the season has commenced and the first fixtures have been released, teams are no longer eligible for a refund for their team entry fee.

Team entry is currently $85.00 per team



A game ticket is a fee that each player needs to pay prior to every game they play. Game tickets cover the costs that GUB incur to run a game of basketball, including – but not limited to – staff, referees and court hire.

Prior to each game, a player will need to purchase a ticket and take it to the court. These players will need to add personal details to the back of the ticket (name, team and playing number) and put it into a ticket bucket for a customer service officer to check and collect during the game.

You can purchase your tickets at the door of each venue before your game, or you can buy them in advance. You can purchase pre-paid tickets online or at the door.

The current price of a game ticket is $12.72.



Player registration is a group of payments that covers a player’s membership to Basketball Victoria, Geelong United Basketball and, if applicable, your club. These memberships include insurance and a facilities levy.

Player registration needs to be paid prior to any player’s first game. Players that don’t register before they take the court will result in the team losing any ladder points gained for the game.

The following payments make up a player registration.

Basketball Victoria License Fee: $29.00 – $43.00

  • $29.00 for participants under 18 years of age (as of 31/12/2024)
  • $43.00 for participants over the age of 18
  • This fee is due annually. This usually occurs at the beginning of either a winter or summer competition.
  • PlayHQ will recognize automatically if you need to pay this fee. This is your insurance while you are on the court.

Basketball Victoria License Fee information here.

Basketball Australia Participant Fee (Game Development Levy) 

  • From January 1, 2024, an annual Basketball Australia Game Development levy of $5.50.

Geelong United Basketball Membership: $67.15

  • This fee includes a facility levy.
  • Is due once every season.
  • If you play for multiple teams, please contact the GUB office for more information on how to avoid paying your fees twice.
  • This fee contributes to the fixed costs that GUB incurs, ie. rent and utilities.

Club Fees: Various

Each club will have their own price and frequency for their fees. Please contact them directly to get the most current information.



Walkover Cost Recovery Fee

This fee is incurred when a team calls a walkover or forfeit with 5 (five) or less days’ notice to GUB. The fee covers the costs that GUB still incurs for a game, despite it not going ahead. This includes – but is not limited to – referees, staff and court hire.

When a team is able to provide notice of a walkover in advance, we are able to reschedule games and can avoid the costs incurred. In this situation, we do not pass on a walkover cost recovery fee.

Walkover Cost recovery fees are currently:

  • Senior Competitions – $127.20
  • Junior Competitions – $106.00

The prices of the fees are based on what GUB would have received if each team had played the game with 4/5 players each (i.e. 10 tickets x $12.72 = $127.20).

Withdrawal Cost Recovery Fee: $100

This fee is to cover the administrative duties that would otherwise be avoided if the team didn’t withdraw from the competition. This fee is incurred when a team withdraws from the competition after they have been scheduled a game.

If a team withdraws from the competition, GUB will not be able to provide a refund for the team entry paid.


If you would like to discuss any of the above fees with us in more detail, please feel free to contact us.