Geelong United WNBL Welcomes Gawk as Major Partner

Geelong United Basketball (GUB) is excited to announce Gawk Outdoor as the first major partner for its

Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) team. This partnership marks an exciting milestone as Gawk

Outdoor joins the Geelong United WNBL program’s inaugural partner group.


Founded in 2018, Gawk Outdoor is a bold, family-owned business based in Geelong with a strong passion for

supporting Regional Victoria. The company’s rapid growth was recognised in the Financial Review’s Fast

Starters list for 2022. Gawk Outdoor provides high-quality outdoor advertising for businesses across regional

Victoria, Southern New South Wales, and regional South Australia.


Gawk Outdoor is a proud supporter of women in sports and recently collaborated with GUB on the Founding

Membership campaign. They will be advertising on billboards around regional Victoria including Geelong &

Torquay as part of this campaign, which aims to fund the upcoming WNBL season. The support from the

community is crucial to ensure the success and sustainability of the team.

“We are thankful to Gawk Outdoor for their support,” said Connie Bolger, General Manager of Partnerships

and Marketing for Geelong United Basketball.


“Having partnerships like this is invaluable to us. This upcoming WNBL season is pivotal for Geelong. In a

region predominantly known for male sports, having a national team in the women’s league of such a great

sport like basketball will really help to inspire future generations of female athletes. It’s important for the

community, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have,” Connie said.


“This is an opportunity to be part of history and to contribute to the growth and success of elite female

basketball in Geelong. Your support is crucial in helping us build a strong, sustainable future for the team.”


To sign up as a founding member, head to our memberships page.

Gawk Billboard Photo