GUB Welcomes New Board Members – Jessica Chappell, Chantelle Hall & Cameron Murnane

Geelong United Basketball (GUB) is proud to welcome our newest Board Members – Jessica Chappell, Chantelle Hall, and Cameron Murnane.


Jessica is an accomplished corporate affairs professional with over 15 years of distinguished experience in senior communication specialist roles, offering a wealth of expertise in strategic communications, public relations, media, and stakeholder management.

Currently, Jessica serves as the Communications Manager at the Great Ocean Road Coast and Parks Authority, where she has quickly become an integral part of the team, bringing her dynamic and creative approach to communications and strategic advice.

A native of the Geelong region, Jessica’s journey to professional success has been influenced by her early passion for sports, excelling in netball and basketball during her school years, securing numerous victories in regional, and state championships. Beyond her prowess on the court, Jessica is a seasoned badged umpire, with over a decade of experience behind the whistle. Her commitment to fair play, keen eye for detail, and ability to maintain composure under pressure have developed a deep understanding of sports officiating.

Regarding her new GUB Board Member position, Jessica is excited to contribute to the organization’s ongoing success – “Having closely followed the work of Geelong United Basketball and being deeply committed to its values of unity, inclusivity, professionalism, and integrity, I am eager to become an active part of this dynamic team.”


From the local courts in Geelong, to representing Vic Country as a junior, Chantelle’s journey led to playing Division 1 basketball at Lamar University in the USA, where she graduated with a BA in Marketing and an MBA.

Now, as a director at Arthur St, a local digital marketing agency, Chantelle is a passionate customer-focused marketer and UX designer, splitting her time between work, and enjoying time with her kids, Logan and Teddy with whom she shares her love of the game.

Chantelle is excited to step up to the challenge of being a Geelong United Basketball Board Member – “Basketball has been an important part of my life, offering countless opportunities. I’m eager to pay it forward and do what I can to help the game become a gateway of opportunities for others. It’s especially an exciting time for Women’s sports and helping young girls to have opportunities through sport is important to me.”


Currently residing in Teesdale, Cameron has spent his life in the Geelong region.

As well as playing in community level sport his whole life (including basketball, football & cricket), Cameron has also coached basketball with YMCA, as well as reserves grade football at both Winchelsea and Forrest.

The 41 year old father of 4 currently works with the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, working with memberships, corporate partners, sponsors and events. Prior to this, Cam was the strategy and partnerships lead with the City of Greater Geelong for 5 years after 15 years as a business banker with the Bendigo bank. He also serves as a board member of Volunteering Geelong.

Hitting the ground running in his new GUB Board Member role, Cameron is already seeing the rewards – “Being a part of the GUB board has been such a great opportunity to give back to a community I love living in, through a sport that myself, my son and other members of my family continue to gain so much enjoyment from. The next few years will be an exciting time for basketball in Geelong, and to be able to be a custodian of this club is a real privilege, and one that I’m committed to doing a good job of.”

Please join us in welcoming our newest GUB Board Members, Jessica Chappell, Chantelle Hall, and Cameron Murnane.

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