Underage player – policy and indemnification

Geelong United Basketball (GUB) is conscious of its obligations to players and parents in the conduct of the association.

GUB adopts a principle that players aged under 15 are generally too young to complete in our senior competitions.

However, GUB acknowledges that some individuals under the age of 15 are physically capable of competing in our competitions and therefore, upon completion of this indemnity form, GUB does not prohibit these players from participating and places no limits on when they may train or compete.

The below form must be completed by a parent/guardian of the player prior to the game/training commences. The completion of this form is an acknowledgement of this policy and the associated risks.


Parents and players should be aware that:

  • Players under the age of 15 will be consistently exposed to older and physically stronger athletes.
  • Players over the age of 15, are not expected to adjust their playing style due to a junior player being present on the court.
  • Players under the age of 15 will often be training and playing in an adult environment.


I acknowledge the leagueโ€™s statements in relation to players under the age of 15, and have discussed with the club the circumstances under which my child will be playing and training. I acknowledge that there may be greater risk of injury as a result of my child playing in a senior competition. Notwithstanding that greater risk, I consent to my child playing in those circumstances.

I acknowledge and accept that my child is playing with Players who are over the age of 18 years. I understand and accept that my child is forbidden from being involved in activities that adults are allowed to be involved in. I accept that the club has advised me of that fact. I accept the club and their representatives will take all reasonable and proper steps to prevent my child from being involved in adult activities. I accept that all responsibility in respect to my child playing, training and being involved with the team is my responsibility and that I should take reasonable and proper care in respect to my child.

I indemnify Geelong United Basketball and the association member club named here against any suit, action, demand or proceeding for any injury, incident, event or happening which my child or any other person might have arising out of my childโ€™s involvement in playing in Geelong United Basketball competitions (which includes the act of playing or any involvement by the child whilst he/she is with the team) which is attributable to the fact that he/she/they is under 15 years of age. I release Geelong United Basketball and the club from any claim, suit, action, demand or loss which either myself or my child might have whatsoever and wheresoever.

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