Player Registrations



Your player registration is made up of 3-4 smaller payments. All payments need to be made in full before you will be considered registered.

Each payment is due on a different frequency, annually or seasonally. To make sure that you are always up to date, you will need to link yourself to your team each season. Any fees that are due for the season will appear at the checkout.

Please see below a detailed description of what payments make up a player registration.



This part of your registration is a yearly payment to Basketball Australia. Basketball Australia ask this of all players across the country so they can utilise the funds to develop aspects of Basketball. You can read more about what they are currently focusing on their website.



This part of your registration is your on-court insurance and membership to Basketball Victoria, the sport’s governing body in this state.

The licence lasts for 365 days, so it will cover you for up to two seasons. When you go to register and are using the same account, PlayHQ can recognise if you have paid this previously and shouldn’t ask you to pay it again for your second season.



This is a once-a-season fee that each player needs. This fee helps GUB pay for fixed costs such as loans, leases and wages.

The fee includes GUB’s Stadium Levy.


CLUB FEES: Varied $$

If you play for a club, they may also ask for you to pay a fee that will help them pay for team entry, court hire for training and other expenses that they can accumulate.

Each club charges a different amount and it may be different from season to season. Please contact them directly for the most relevant information on this and what it covers for them.


Penalties for playing while unregistered

Players who take the court without paying their registration in full before the game, will result in their team losing any ladder points acquired from the result of the game (i.e. -1 point for a loss, -3 points for a win, -2 points for a draw).

If you play whilst unregistered, we will send an email (using the email account listed on the iPad, when you added yourself as a fill-in) letting you know that you have lost points and proving all the information you need to know to register properly. You can also see that your team has lost ladder points when utilising the advanced ladder on PlayHQ.

If you are adding yourself as a fill-in each week, this is a good indicator that there is something amiss with your registration. Please contact GUB admin for assistance with this.

If a player takes the court unregistered during grading, penalties will still be applied but will look a little different. Once the ladders have been reset after the grading period, a negative ladder point for each game played with unregistered player/s will be applied.

Teams that play against an unregistered player DO NOT gain any points.

These penalties are permanent and cannot be reversed.

Players who take the court whilst unregistered also do not gain a game towards their final’s eligibility despite playing the game.


Playing for multiple teams in one season

In most situations, you can play for as many teams across our competitions as you like! However there are some restrictions on exactly what teams you can play for.

You cannot play for two teams if you are qualified to play in finals for a team that is higher in division within the same age group and on the same night. If the team is on a different night, you are allowed to fill-in for them.

You can play for two teams if they play on different nights, or you are filling in for a team that is in a higher age group and/or division.

Whilst you can play for two teams in one season, you don’t need to pay those fees twice. Unfortunately, PlayHQ, at this time, cannot automatically recognise all the payments that you have paid, and you are likely to be asked to pay some of your fees for a second time. To prevent you from forking out any extra fees, please call or email administration with your full name, the teams that you play for and their division/competition. We will be able to either allocate you to your second team or provide you with a voucher that you can use to get rid of the fees.

We won’t hand out any voucher codes until you have registered for the season first, so it’s best that you have this completed before you get in touch.


Player registration links

The below list is registration links for social teams that have entered the Winter 2024 competition.

The link associated with each team will allow a player to register themselves to the team. If your team isn’t listed below, please email for assistance.

Players looking to register with their club need to contact that club directly. GUB don’t have access to the links for club teams.

If you have already registered for the season, please contact us at for assistance before registering again. You do not need to pay your registration fees more than once per season.