All Abilities Season Information

At Geelong United we run two seasons Summer, October to March, and Winter, May to September, with breaks over the school holidays.




What is player registration?

Player registration is a payment that players need to make each season. Player registration is a group of payments that covers a player’s membership to Basketball Victoria, Geelong United Basketball and, if applicable, your club. These memberships include on-court insurance and a facilities levy.


How much does a player registration cost?

Player registrations will vary in price from season to season. Some are annual, and others are due every 6 (six) months (each season).


Basketball Victoria License Fee: Please contact your club for your voucher for a discount from BV

  • Juniors (turning 17 and under in the next year from Registration): BV Fees (after discount): $14
  • Seniors (turning 18 and over in the next year from Registration): BV Fees (after discount): $28
  • This fee is due annually. This usually occurs at the beginning of either a winter or summer competition.
  • PlayHQ will recognize automatically if you need to pay this fee. This is your insurance while you are on the court.

Basketball Victoria License Fee information here.


Basketball Australia Participant Fee (Game Development Levy)

  •  From January 1, 2024, an annual Basketball Australia Game Development levy of $5.50.


Geelong United Basketball All Abilities Membership: $35.35

  • This fee includes a facility levy.
  • Is due once every season.
  • If you play for multiple teams, please email from the GUB office for more information on how to avoid paying your fees twice.
  • This fee contributes to the fixed costs that GUB incurs, ie. rent and utilities.


Club Fees: Various

Each club will have their own price and frequency for their fees. Please contact them directly to get the most current information.

If you are not sure if you are up to date or would like to check, please contact your club who will be able to assist you. As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t registered this season, then you aren’t up to date.

When is a player registration due?

Player registrations need to be paid prior to you playing your first game.

Can NDIS Participants be invoiced?

For season registration fees, please contact your club. For prepaid game tickets please email


What are the game Fees?

Game fees are $12.72 per game, and payment will need to be made with card on the night. Prepaid tickets can be purchased on GUB website if the participant needs to pay via a different method (bank transfer, invoice etc). Link to pay prepaid tickets can be found here.


How do we use PlayHQ?

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